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Caffe Umbria (Seattle, Wa; Vancouver, BC)

With Italian coffee traditions passed down through three generations, Caffe Umbria is our go-to house coffee at the Yellow Derny Cafe. We brew a rotating selection of their delicious, full-bodied roasts and we always have Gusto Crema ready to pull for a true Italian espresso experience. We also carry Umbria’s full selection of coffee for purchase (12oz. bags). If you like your coffee, be sure to ask your barista which roast is on brew!



Featured Roasters



A barista favourite, Anchored Coffee’s roasts are light, fruity, and full of life! Their Cannon Espresso offers a lovely contrast to our standard offering and is equally good as a base to milk drinks as it is on its own. We also bring in small selections of their single-origin coffees (12oz. bags) for those looking to broaden their coffee horizons. Anchored Coffee’s careful roasting allows the uniqueness of each coffee to shine through. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for regular updates on our selections.



Oso negro coffee (nelson, bc)

Another excellent Canadian roastery, this time from the west, Oso Negro offers a wide range of coffees and their practice of blending after roasting yields some incredibly balanced flavour profiles. We offer a rotating selection of coffees from Oso Negro’s twenty-two different blends, let us know your favourites and we will make sure they are on our shelves!

The only thing more addictive than their coffees is their chocolate! These organic, dark chocolate bars are infused with coffee and are the perfect pairing to a morning cup. These things fly of the shelves, so get them when you can!